arlo au naturale

oui oui yes yes check out this super cute super fun Fall 2021 Editor's Picks shout out for 'lil 'ol arlo from the lovely Natural Habitat

"Vancouver’s Arlo is making friends with everybody, and for good reason. This hard kombucha drink is 100 percent naturally fermented (meaning the alcohol in it is naturally-occurring), has only 80 calories, and boasts only four percent alcohol. It comes in real delicious fruity flavors—no artificial things here—including grapefruit and raspberry, and the branding alone is reason enough to tote it to your next fall BBQ or dinner party. A little boozy but still good for your gut: that’s called having your cake and eating it, too."

Reading more about Natural Habitat, they seem really kool, with a k, b/c we (heart) things that start with k (eg. Kombucha, more specifically boozy Kombucha naturally fermented to 4% ABV locally in Delta and Vancouver, BC)...ok ok, more about Natural Habitat...


An exploration of what it means to be at home—in our bodies, in our spaces, and in our world.

As the editorial arm of home scenting company vitruvi, they are obsessed with homes—from how they look, to who they are for, to of course the way they smell. But they also believe that home is a figurative place as much as it is a literal one. So whether it’s a round-up on the latest in clean skincare, a personal essay on cultural identity, or a feature on ethical clothing production, they're are on a mission to discover and celebrate all the ways we can feel at home—within our dwellings, yes, but also within ourselves and within our communities. They don’t have all the answers, but we like it that way. After all, the journey home never really ends.