Arlo Boozy Kombucha + Bucha Brew #BFF4ever

Arlo Boozy Kombucha has a new best friend! #meetarlo

Arlo Boozy Kombucha is stoked to be brewed by Bucha Brew in their lovely Delta, BC, Canada manufacturing facility! 

Bucha Brew stirs up Arlo with three great flavours to start off: Mango, Grapefruit and Raspberry....but more on them later #meetarlo


Arlo is a delicious West Coast beverage ~ pairing the naturally occurring alcohol found in kombucha, with extraordinarily delightful flavours. The drinks are created to be enjoyed and shared with good people.

Be sure to keep your eyes out this summer in Vancouver and the rest of BC for Arlo. You can follow our hard kombucha journey with @arlokombucha to #meetarlo and be sure to connect at hey@arlokombucha or adjust say hi w/ a text 604~303~1103 🤙

Meet arlo over at

Arlo Boozy Kombucha
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