arlo in LA!

arlo should be in LA, and we will call it 'Our-LA'

the arlo boozy kombucha team was juuuust in La La Land sippin' on all the hard kombucha's California has to offer. We're talking fridges and fridges of hard boozy kombucha. From the big hitters like Juneshine, Flying Embers and Gt's...the locals like NOVA and Booch Craft... to the low key players like Kombrewcha, Local Roots, Strainge Beast and Jiant - they're all flourishing in the Golden State.

Each was lovely and fun and uniquely kombucha in their own creative way....but we still think Arlo Boozy Kombucha is the best tasting, coolest looking hard kombucha on the market.

We're super duper excited to see the growth and popularity of hard kombucha in the Western US. Hard Kombucha tasting rooms are starting to pop up all over town, most notably Juneshine's boho-beachy dreamy tasting room on the strip in Santa Monica. Shout out to Flying Embers who went big with a v sleek more-than-tasting-room-full-on-brewery in the art district of downtown LA.

So this trip to the US to scout the all the latest trends in RTD's and hard kombucha was quite fruitful 🍒 It was refreshing to see fridges and fridges of hard kombucha in the grocery store shelfs. Up here in Canada, we're a little behind on the trends (ever tho hard kombucha ain't no trend no more, it's a lifestyle 😎) but we see you LA and we hear u LA and we'll be hanging real soon LA, ok?

until then,