arlo metaverse tasting room ✨🍹🛰

here we are, looking into. the future is approaching at an accelerated rate.

With the future being NOW, lets meet in the metaverse and grab a drink.

Arlo's first tasting room will be in the metaverse, a metaverse...TDB which one.

Our first dip into a retail space in the metaverse comes with Arlo launching our naturally fermented RTD Hard Kombucha on - our retail sales partner in the interwebs 🏄🏾‍♀️

Soooo what's CraftCo all about?!?! The goal of Craft Co. is simply to bring together some of the top craft companies in one place to make it easier for you, the customer, to get what you want when you want it in one order and one delivery.

Craft Co. is not some sort of “Amazon” like company, it is merely a tool to allow multiple independent manufacturers to come together and offer their wares in one location for you to order from; rather than having to go to each of their sites and pay for multiple shipping charges.

so this is the first piece, where u can buy arlo boozy hard kombucha online...I know i know, nothing major here. But that's just the back end setup. It's the front end that's the fun part ~ almost like a reverse mullet 💇‍♀️

So let's start to vision what our Arlo tasting room in the metaverse will look like. It will be groovy, but chic. Fun beach westcoast vibes that throw back to the past, yet stay relevant for today. The tasting room will be the new new place to buy Arlo online and to realllllllly experience arlo and our community. It's where our content...mostly fun pictures, maybe a GIF or two...will be available to buy as NFT. You can own a piece of arlo, forever and ever.

Arlo's a social beverage, so we aim to create a space in the metaverse for our community to collaborate and connect. Enjoy our new boozy hard kombucha from Vancouver BC anywhere around the world!

See you in the metaverse...but first, roll thru and pick up an Arlo! 🚀