fermentation is the future ✨

fermentation is the future and the culture is ready 🙌
we're vibin with The Big Smoke's Toronto Star article this week "Fizzy, fermented and kinda funky: The latest trend in kombucha is spiked" by Kate Dingwall
Kate starts us off talkin' about the bubbly beverage evolution and beyond with the IWSR report, the drinks market analysis firm, hard kombucha is trending upwards. In Canada alone, the category is projected to grow by about 47 per cent between 2021 to 2025! 🚀
Shout out to Vibe Kombucha from Hamilton. We were just in Toronto trying out their Strawberry Basil..it was super fun, esp in the Tall Can that we picked up at 4th and 7 Bottle shop on Bloor West...a cute bar-pivot-to-liquor-shop concept. And if we're speaking about Toronto, let's have a cocktail. Although no cocktail is a health drink (alcohol is still a toxin, after all), kombucha is a 'more mindful mixer' in a halo effect of the perceived health benefits of regular kombucha . Hmmm. we like that, paising to the choir over here 😇 🙌
Arlo couldn't agree more with Brock Shepherd, founder of Toronto’s Pombucha, when he says that with the popularity of natural wines and sour beers, “hard kombucha fits right in — the younger generations are embracing fermented and funky flavours like kimchi, kefir, miso, natural wines and kombucha.”
And we do wonder how the author had notes to our playbook, that...'Brands have caught on to kombucha’s coming of age, putting the probiotic beverage in colourful packaging and positioning it as a better-for-you alternative to canned cocktails, beers and other ready-to-drink options.' 
Cheers to Probiotics! ✨
arlo xoxo