food for thought 💭 hard kombucha gets soft

ahhh the 'give-away' ~ meant to "give-away' something to someone. but who wants what you're giving? unless it's our 4% boozy (aka HARD) kombucha made locally in Delta, British Columbia, Canada 🗺 cuz everyone is vibin' with arlo.

we wanna do things differently with arlo. for starters, lets get rid of the capitals.... phew, so much more casual. tho most casual is sipping mango arlo boozy kombucha after a workout 🥭...yet the grapefruit does best with a picnic imho, and be sure to let the raspberry cascade u deeeep into the night 🌚

ok ok back to the give-away thing. arlo doesn't just wanna slap their logo on some good created somewhere else. {i know, i know...the logo is very nice ~ shout out the squad at Very Polite Agency}

so lets do 'give-aways' with food, like everyone eats food, we all connect over food ~ yummm. locally grown seasonal food from the farmers market. there's nothing more local than the goods from your weekly farmers market, and we're a raw naturally fermented kombucha brewed to juuust the right amount at 4% ABV, so we fit right it at the farmer! 🥬🥒🥭🍒🧺

so we think arlo boozy kombucha is kinda cool 😎 and is a pretty good brew for an alcoholic kombucha...some call it boozy kombucha, some call it hard kombucha...RTDs are so so 🔥 right now, this ready-to-drink craze will ride deeeeep into the night, much like raspberry arlo ~ u got a ride or die right there w good 'ol raspberry 🤜🥤🤛

next time, let's meet at the market!