Grocercore: u r what u eat 🥦

grocercore (noun)

gro·​cer·​core | \ ˈgrō-sər-ˈkȯr

Definition of grocercore an aesthetic in clothing and apparel from the purveyor foodstuffs, meats, produce, and dairy products ~ usually household supplies that are organic, healthy with a history in the community.


U r what u eat, so it’s about time we start reppin’ our local food systems. Building resilient community-based food assets, and showing that support, is the future of fashion.

It’s called fashion look it up 💅

So the concept is ‘grocer-core’. The trend has lineage from Gorpcore — named after the colloquial term for trail mix (“Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts”) — is a style focused around wearing utilitarian, functional, outdoors-inspired gear.

Consumers aim to connect with healthy, social, wellness and recurring communities. The local neighbourhood food assets (think legacy grocery store, corner store, pizza shops) is where we connect 🍕 – together as a community. It’s where you can find us a couple times per week. This unique connection we have to food, how food makes us feel, and the journey to get that feeling through food, is the special sauce that will propel Grocercore to cultural phenomena. 🌏

Where you buy your food is a daily purchasing decision and ties in placed-based commerce with personal well-being and local community.

So what are we talking about, like on the ground? We’re gonna see more grocers and food assets (coffee shops, pizza shops, bodega) sell merch. It will become cool to show where you buy your food. The cool kids will wear it.

Food + fashion will blend. Getting the consumer closer to where they buy their food is a step closer to the producer, the grower, the farmer. It shows your community, where you're from, who you are 🧙

Who’s an example? Our local squad includes places like the Federal Store up in Mt. Pleasant, Famous Foods out in East Van, with Organic Acres up on Main St, Larry’s Market all the waaaay up in North Van and the future is NADA in the Fraserhood.

It’s tote bags, but for all clothing and lifestyle goods.

Let’s build the movement @grocercore 

Also, maybe Arlo merch will be cool and people will wanna rep all things Arlo 🤞☮️ we wanna tell everyone our boozy hard kombucha is naturally brewed and perfectly fermented in Vancouver/Delta to 4% ABV to make it a fun, social refreshing RTD drink for this summer. See you soon ✌️