QR arlo AR

Drinkin’ in augmented reality

QR codes are portals into the future -> scan in and surf the metaverse 🏄

Ok, so Arlo has that funnnnn QR code on the hip of the can ☮️ lets scan to get some fun ice breakers, deep thoughts, dad jokes (lol), all topped off with some groovy tunes. You QR code scan the aluminium can and get to meet arlo! Fun, right?

Ok so lets keep going. Lets QR code and jump into the Arlo Metaverse. The Arlo Metaverse Tasting Room will explode our boozy naturally fermented tea drink into the hands of our portal surfers ✌️ Packed in sleek 255ml cans, the portal opening is fully recyclable, infinitely over and over and again and again. The possibilities are endless in the metaverse, especially at the Arlo Metaverse Tasting Room, the worlds first Hard Kombucha Metaverse tasting room. You always remember your first, especially then it comes in 3 fruit fun flavours of mango, grapefruit and raspberry.

So to get our little feet wet, last week Arlo popped over to the Vancouver Mural Festival’s Winter Arts, Canada's first free public exhibition of augmented reality (AR) art. The 2 week event blurred the line between the virtual and real world with a creative new way to safely explore and discover the city. The curation focused on supporting BIPOC artists who made up over 50% of the roster.  It was a really rad event and was super fun. They also served up Arlo’s at the back bar and it was a total trip to surf the interwebs of augmented reality through art.

We will do it through cans, Arlo’s cans to be specific.

Cheers to the future! 🚀🍻