twist 'n SHOUT! 📢

Twist up a few arlos and chill out checking out the podcast where team arlo chat 'n chews on the Ciders, Sodas and Cocktails With Joe Leary & Darryl Lamb
Fortunately, Joe Leary & Darry Lamb from Legacy Liquor had some v nice things to say about arlo, say for example...
arlo boozy kombucha is "really gonna take off"
"arlo was consistently the favourite" for hard kombucha in their liquor store Legacy Liquor
"juicy, delicious, naturally fermented" arlo hard kombucha is sooo good.
"a really good better-for-you kinda of drink" omg it's an honour just to be nominated
"arlo is the preferred choice" in hard kombucha...we agree with Darryll!!
"speaks to the team over at arlo, people consistently ask for it" yes please ask for it more, ask for arlo boozy kombucha or really any other hard kombucha, a rising tide lifts all boats ⛵️
"if you can survive now, without tastings, the world's your oyster at this point" sure to go at low tide, K?
So, check out these times when the squad talks about the brewing, fermenting and wild world of alcohol sales, RTD's and other fun drinks:
Daryl thoughts on Arlo: 6:20
Kara segment starts at minute 22:00
Arlo getting into Legacy: 29:00