yo Kombucha, chill

Kombucha ain’t just for picnics and sunshine, we viiiibbbe with the winter months. (fun fact…we almost called arlo ‘picnic’…wouldn’t that have been cute?!?)…and we’re snuggling up with Arlo Raspberry.


There’s a haziness to our deep red Raspberry kombucha brew, which we find warm and comforting. The 4% ABV this boozy hard kombucha really helps keep things low-key. It’s our first winter out ‘n about in Vancouver BC and Whistler, just finding our way thru the annals of hard kombucha cocktails-in-a-can RTD world here on the west coast ✌️. Arlo Raspberry hints at cooler notes, notably the sour boutique that aromatically releases from the sleek 355ml slim can. Raspberry is deep, so go long ~ clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. 🏈 
To further expand on the raspberry elegant yet relaxed arrangement, we’ve made this playlist to help push things along…like those little hard kombucha cans firing down the production line at our Winery in Delta, B.C. Those little cans gingle and gangle on our Twin Goose Evolution canning line …phew that thing makes music 🎶 the music of the next big thing best hard kombucha in the West!  
Keep u posted,